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Southlands Arts Centre
Southlands Spring Art Exhibition 2016
At Southlands Arts Centre, we hold two main Art Exhibitions a year. One in Spring and One in the Autumn. We have a regular pool of Artists, local and from a far exhibiting their work. And every year the work seems to get more diverse and exciting. Works in the exhibition vary from traditional styles to mixed media.
Our Spring Exhibition (March 2016) has been the platform for many of our regular exhibitors, such as Bernadette Collins, Andrew Welding, Thomas Timson, Alan Sexton, Paul Austin, Nina Bigg to name a few, showing their much versatile styles. And its true to say that they didn't disappoint. It was nice to see Les Nind exhibiting some of his works this year too. With 59 exhibitors, 239 pieces of on art display, its been a very pleasing exhibition this Spring.

Below are just a sample of the brilliant works displayed in the Spring Exhibition 2016.
A Splash of Green
by Johnny Popkess

Demure in Black Dress
by Johnny Popkess

Barack Obama
by Glen Wilkins

Old man
By Pete Stacey

Pot of flowers
by Les Nind

White Jug with Flowers
by Jane Guntrip

Forking paths
By Jane Greer

by Thomas Timson

She from Syria
by Frazer Fenton

Westminister Thames
By Paul Austin

Something Fishy
by Richard Monkhouse

by Chris Hale (Nee Fawcett)

Red Fox
By Kate Bull

by Alvsia Hunt

by Fay Hiller

Still Life I
By Andrew Welding

Yellow Fest Collarge
by Bernadette Collins

Tree in winter
by George Clempson

Grand Canal, Venezia
By Johnny Popkess

Painted Kettle
by Sharon Wolf

Morning Dew
by Neeru Rathour

Still Life
By Jane Guntrip

Still Life II
by Andrew Welding

Demure in a red dress
by Johnny Popkess

Grand Union Canal
By Jabus Osbourn

What Did You Say
by Les Nind

Lily of the valley
by Claire Allen

Frances Fish
By Jill Broad

The Longstone Lighthouse
by Fay Hillerd

Autumn Trees
by Linda Day

Westminister Alive
By Paul Austin

Beach Huts
by Alma Hughes Jones

by Richard Monkhouse

Decorated dish
By Tessa Buckley

Sgraffitto Vase
by Alan Sexton

Love spoon - 3 children
by Arthur Rooks

Polperro, Cornwall
By Alma Hughs Jones

The Old Barn
by Pete Stacey

by Thomas Timson

Miss Universe
By Neeru Rathor

Changes of the Moon 3
by Sharon Shepherd

by Richard Monkhouse

By George Clempson

by Brian Brind

Freda Fish
by Jill Broad

Inside Moonstone
By Richard monkhouse

by Sharon Wolf

by Hazel Spink

By Paul Austin

Harvest Mouse
by Nina Bigg

Garden Chair
by Nina Bigg

By C Hammond

Man in a hat
by Glen Wilkins

The Gateway
by Chris Hales (Nee Fawcett)

Deserted Dwelling
By George Clempson

Cherry Blossom
by Pamela Fernandes

The Planter
by Tessa Buckley

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