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Southlands Arts Spring Exhibition
How to exhibit your work

If you would like your work to be considered for the Southlands Arts Exhibition, You will have to fill out an entry form, which has to be signed by the exhibitor and must be delivered with the submitted works and the fee for each work sent to the exhibition - to be paid at time of delivery. This is a submission/hanging fee and is non-refundable.

The Exhibition will be open to artists/craftsmen, amateur or professional.

All works sent in for exhibition must be the bona fide work of the exhibitor, A maximum of twelve works may be submitted which may include a maximum of six paintings. Copies of any kind will not be exhibited. Oils, watercolours, lithography, etching, ceramics, sculpture and wood crafts of all kinds will be admissible. All works must be delivered unwrapped to Southlands Arts Centre, free of any expense or charge to the organisers and may be subject to selection.

Wall hanging space is limited and restrictions may be necessary. Southlands Arts reserve the right to use our discretion when required.

All pictures must be suitably and separately framed, with two rings for hanging. The rings must be positioned so that the picture hangs as the Artist wishes it to be exhibited. Any commercial rings are acceptable, providing that a mounting string can be passed through them and secured. We may refuse your work if this is not adhered to.

Watercolours, pastels, lithographs and etchings must be glazed. Frames considered liable to cause damage to other exhibits will be rejected. Diptychs, triptychs and other composite exhibits must be presented ready for display. The organiser’s decision will be final.

Each work must be clearly identified on the reverse by a label or clearly printed note showing; the artist’s name; title; number on entry form; and price if offered for sale.

A submission fee will be charged for each work sent to the exhibition: £1.00 for works valued up to and including £20.00: and NFS £1.50 for works valued over £20.00. 50 pence for any work done by children:

The organisers reserve the right to close the exhibition at any time when suitable stewards are not available.

Any painting submitted without rings will be charged at double the above relevant fee.

The organisers shall have the right to reject all or any work submitted, on behalf of the Arts Council without assigning reason.

A commission of 15% of the sale price will be charged upon all works sold in the exhibition, whether or not the sale be effected by the organisers or the exhibitor.

Artists must accept responsibility for insuring their own works throughout the period of the Exhibition. In the event of works sent for exhibition, being lost, destroyed or damaged, artists must look to their own insurance and no liability will be accepted by the Arts Council or its Officers.

No exhibited work can be removed before the close of the exhibition.

In the event of any work sold on a deposit, not being collected by the purchaser within a period of 2 months after the close of the exhibition, the deposit shall be forfeited to the artist. The Arts Council, will not hold itself responsible for more than the deposit.

All works remaining unsold must be collected from Southlands Arts Centre by the artist or their representative on the Monday following the close of the exhibition. If for any reason you cannot adhere to this, an alternative arrangement can be made, at the decretion of the Event organiser.

Images of your submitted works may be used for the purpose of advertising for the Southlands Arts Exhibitions and for Southlands Arts Centre only.

Download the 2017 Entry form click here.
Terms and conditions click here.
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