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Photography at Southlands Arts
Southlands Photography Club
The photography group is open to everyone regardless of experience, and people who have no experience are most welcome too. All ideas and suggestions for the club are more than welcome, there are so many branches of interest, such as nature photography, portraiture, landscape, street photography and pet portraiture, just to name a few which can and will all be discussed for our club.

Being a member of the Southlands Photography Club you will receive a monthly email with all upcoming events, to do with photography and get to share information and show off your work. Learn more about using a camera, improve editing your photos, how to frame your pictures, also make greeting cards, from your images. We will have workshops throughout the year covering all of the above and more. Members also get the opportunity of helping with events that happen at the Southlands Arts Centre.

Our Monthly Workshops, consist of the following: Camera Controls; Photo editing on Picasa; Using the Manual setting on your camera ; Using off camera Flash; using reflectors for outside portraiture & fill in flash; Studio portraiture using Reflectors & using different lighting set ups, models etc.; Still life workshop. Here is a link to our Portraiture Workshop click here.

Event Photography Being a member of Southlands Photography club you get the chance to be apart of our event photographers group. We work as a team and work to the brief the client gives us. For example Hillingdon Council, approached us after seeing our members photos on the coverage of SouthlandsLIVE.They asked us if we could be the official photographers for the annual Medieval event in Ruislip. After that successful coverage of that event we were invited to take photos of the Annual Big Fest in Uxbridge. Also all the events that are held at the Southlands Arts Centre, we cover as the official photographers. It is a fun experience and you get the chance to have your photos published and credited.

Photo of the month
By Frazer Fenton

Photography at Southlands Arts

Autumn Assignment
Below are some pictures taken on our Autumn Assignments. We dont just go to take pictures, we capture movement, every day life, people, events and the ambience. More photos can be seen on our Facebook page Southlands Photography Club.

by Ed Attwell
by Ed Attwell
by Frazer Fenton

By George Garrett
by Harry Fenton
by Ed Attwell

By Ed Attwell
by Ed Attwell

by Rory Hasset

By Ed Attwell
By Malcolm Reid
by Rory Hasset

So if you are interested in becoming a member, then email for more details.

Needless to say, we are lucky enough to have a bunch of talented people in our Photography Club. You can view some of their work/sites here.
Alan D West
Specialise in Wedding Photography and Portraiture.
Derrick Bradfield
Specialise in Fine Art Photography
Valerie Borrell
View my flickr account
Specialise in Nature Photography.
Frazer Fenton
Adventures in Photography (FB Page)
Specialise in Sunsets and Nature Photography
Rehan Wasti
Random Creative Photography
Chris Allum
Specialises in natural, spontaneous wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography
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